Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

A major goal of Fast Break is to create greater community awareness. Through sponsorship, it is our desire to promote and support all of the establishments and businesses that contribute and support our goal of creating the best basketball facility for our clientele. Sponsorship is certainly necessary to make this a reality. In an effort to invite businesses to reach family oriented sports demographics, Fast Break has a variety of sponsorship opportunities available.

  • Wall placards and banners (choose your banner size)
  • Building naming rights
  • On court signage or scorer’s table billboard
  • Join our community restaurant board
  • Join our website by displaying your company or business
  • Youth league or adult league sponsors

The opportunities to become a sponsor for Fast Break, Staten Island’s first and only basketball center are abundant. We encourage any business, company or organization to join our growing number of supporters by advertising with Fast Break!

Be part of a great experience! Be a part of Fast Break!

As Staten Island’s only basketball center, Fast Break believes that having “YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE” as a major sponsor would be greatly beneficial for both establishments. Reasons for “YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE” to become a primary supporter of Fast Break would be:

  • Fast Break will be the only center of its kind on Staten Island
  • It is projected that close to 100,000 players will utilize Fast Break yearly
  • There are (# of your stores/ accordingly – “YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE”) located within minutes of the center
  • Fast Break will put a logo of “YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE” on our main court
  • Fast Break will hang a “YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE” banner from our main scorer’s table
  • Fast Break will hang several placards around the center displaying “YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE” logo
  • The center will include and distribute “YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE” discount cards for both teams and individuals during all events
  • Fast Break will add a link to “YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE” on their web site
  • Fast Break will publicly acknowledge “YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE” for their support at our functions
  • Fast Break will display a thank you to “YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE” on all clinic and camp t-shirts

To contact someone about sponsorship, please Contact Us

General Number 718-948-3710